Skin-Care Cleaning & Mask Set
Facial cleaning sponge The application is smooth, does not hurt the skin, and feels like a baby's skin. Silicone Mask Brush Suitable for curry, paste, powder and cream masks. Flexible and durable Long-term use does not split, easy to clean....
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DUcare Facial Cleansing Brush
How to Clean Your Face Better? 1. Remove the make-up; 2. Apply the cleanser, covering over your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and neck; 3. Wash your face first, then wet the brush and begin to clean; 4. Use clean water...
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5in1 DUcare Multi-Function Soft Hair Mask Brushes Set
Face Mask 5in1 Multi-Function Mask Brushes Set FOOD GRADE SILICONE Made of food grade silicone, the face mask brush is durable for high temperature, safe and non-toxic when applying or mixing various skincare ingredients.ce life. Meet Your Needs Five different...
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